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Help me find a line of Buffy dialogue!

There's a scene where Willow is complaining about something to Buffy and Buffy tries to offer advice or a solution. Willow gets upset and says she just wants someone to listen or empathize. And Buffy says something along the lines of, "Oh is this a feel my pain talk? I thought it was a help me find a solution talk. My bad." Except, you know, the actual line is much snappier.

This just happened with a friend of mine who got laid off and didn't want to hear about a job posting I saw, just wanted to mope. I managed to find this exact line of dialogue a couple of years ago when I had similarly misjudged the intent of a friend, but I remember it took forever and bugged the hell out of me in the meantime.

My memory of the line is too vague for good googling, and I don't have time now to watch all 7 seasons in a totally OCD search for the answer. (Although my instincts are telling me it was season 2-3.)

This is one of those things that is not important but will drive me insane until I figure it out.
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Best answer: All of the Buffy scripts are available for download here one season at a time, so you could download the target seasons and then do a search.
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Response by poster: Y'all are so fantastic.
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Damn! Not frist
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It was the first hit when I googled. Not sure why you had difficulty.
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(That was directed to OP, not Neiltupper.)
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Response by poster: Me neither. I'm usually a pretty good googler. Oh well.
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amro, what was the magic search phrase that turned it up?
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[feel my pain talk? I thought it was a help me find a solution talk. My bad buffy]

(Just copied and pasted most of what OP posted and added "buffy" on the end.)
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And now the first hit is this question!
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