Where can I find funny flash movies on the internet?
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Where can I find funny flash movies on the internet? I'm bored with homestarrunner, jibjab, threebrain, and I've exhausted sites like shockwave.com, ebaumsworld, newgrounds and campchaos. It's going to take more than a dancing banana to make me laugh. Who is producing the best stuff, and where is it?
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I know b3ta tends to be a source of a lot of this kinda stuff. Mostly crazy images from the front page, but the forums are a hot source for the latest in Flash craziness.
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It's old, but I'm a big fan of the Brunching Shuttlecocks' Bandwidth Theatre.
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I guess I'm having a little trouble understanding what you think is funny if you're already over things like the Fenslerfilm GI Joe PSAs at ebaumsworld and Everlasting Blort (is that what you meant by dancing banana?).

Tell us more about what you're looking for here. Homestarrunner and jibjab are, relatively speaking, very shallow wells. They have great stuff, but not very much of it. You're going to get very tired if you insist on tracking down the *producers* of the content. You should find a good filter that meets your tastes (or, more likely, several) and just track those.

I like:
Milk and Cookies
and da BRivets (though not everything there is humor).
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The Available Temping Man is an oft-overlooked classic from keenerboy.com.
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AlbinoBlackSheep usually has good stuff. Seems a little light on it lately, but overall good.
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Big Bunny and Muffin Films, by the same creator.

Also, you might like Rock School.
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May be old to you, still entertaining to me:


http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/ (original home of Badger Badger Badger)
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My favorites, besides H*R:

Making Fiends, from the creator of Big Bunny and Muffin Films.

Joel Veitch's Rathergood.com, especially the Blode series and the Viking Kittens.

Weebl and Bob
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There are a couple of good bits at Bitey, esp. "Frank", and "Night Shift".
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zefrank.com? It's got some movies and some game/creative weirdnesses. How do dance properly is a killer.
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watch out for popups and obnoxious banner ads.
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