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We all love Flash Friday around these parts. But where can we find flash/casual games that are reviewed or blogged about intelligently?

I'm looking for blogs and review sites for flash games, or at least a site that seems to highlight good ones. I know of one such site,, but there must be more...alas, all the zillions of flash game sites I find seem to either be huge directories with little editorial content (like Newgrounds), or worse, just linkbait. I've gotta be missing some god sites, right?
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Response by poster: Oh yes...if the site is just as/more/exclusively devoted to casual download games (freeware/cheap), that'll work too.
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You're looking for Good Experience Games.
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Play This Thing might work for you. They don't focus exclusively on Flash games, having some tabletop/boardgames and downloadable games in the mix, but I've found a surprising number of gems there that I would have missed otherwise. They tend to focus on slightly quirky games, and usually actually tell you why the game is worth your time.
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drat, I was specifically coming into this post to recommend JayIsGames. :)

Play This Thing is also good (and helmed by Greg Costikyan), but they primarily focus on free downloadable games with a few flash games here and there.
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I came her to recomming Play This Thing and Jay Is Games

Rock Paper Shotgun also links to flash games from time to time.
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Indie Games Blog

The best!
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It's only a once-every-three-weeks thing, but the A.V. Club's Sawbuck Gamer is a nice review round-up of downloadable/mobile/web games that are free or cheap.
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I really enjoy Jayisgames, particulary their friday link dump.
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Aargh, that's for answering before morning coffee.
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Seconding JayisGames. Also, GamersWithJobs.Com does nice little reviews of Flash and downloadable games in their Fringe Busters category.
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