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Other than a fairly obscure Midwestern rockabilly band found via freedb, is anyone aware of a rock and roll band recording a cover of the great Motown tune What Becomes of the Brokenhearted? After watching the terrific Standing in the Shadows of Motown I am craving to hear this done with some blistering guitar. Help me?
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Best answer: I would point you to The Covers Project, but their site appears to be DOA at the moment. A Google search from the site lists the following as having performed the song in question: Jimmy Ruffin (original), Joan Osborne, Chris Farlowe, Steve Harley, Boy George.
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Sergeant Dee Dee McCall sings! Unfortunately the samples don't work.
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billsaysthis: I just want an MP3 of the recording from that DVD.... it blew me away when I heard it.
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Damnit, I was sure Me First and the Gimme Gimmes covered that song on an album, but Amazon doesn't know about it. Still worth a look if you like weird covers by a punk . . . "supergroup" (is such a thing possible? Does it violate punk's ethos?).
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yerfatma, I am almost certain they did it too. I can even remember the lead singer's inflections. This requires further investigation.
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Hmmm, I think I was thinking of "Where do Broken Hearts Go". Close though.
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Response by poster: dobbs, I had already listened to every clip in the list at AllMusic that was labelled as 'rock' and none, not one, would qualify as rock in my book, especially hard rock like I want.

cheaily, I would imagine that if the movie is on Showtime, where I saw it, the DVD is in stores and can be purchased. Movie is probably good enough. I believe the soundtrack is also available on CD, but then perhaps you're suggesting a no fee arrangement.

Thanks for the contributions though.
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