Web fun for 3 to 4 year olds
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Please recommend a good puzzle or activity website that's suitable for a 3 or 4 year old.

Good: Boobah Zone seen here is ideal. You can click just about anywhere and just have fun.

Not so good: Well, for example, BBC Cbeebies -- the ones I tried invariably start out with instructions and require very specific keypresses that have to be memorized. It's for an older age group.

Ideas? Thanks.
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Bembo's Zoo is a favorite here. We adults find it as charming as the kiddo!
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Kaboose's FunSchool Preschool section seems like it has some fun stuff targeted to that age range.

Up to Ten has some cute stuff.

Lil' Fingers is geared towards toddlers - it has easy-to-click stuff & stories that both have text and are read aloud.
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Have you checked out starfall ?
It is levelized, but there are definitely some areas which might fit the bill.
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The Sesame Street games section has entertained my 4 yr old for a long time. The Elmo games are pretty easy, good to start out with.
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Seconding Up to Ten, especially, Boowa and Kwala. My children love it.

Playhouse Disney has some fun stuff as well, with Ooh and Aah being the favorite in our house.
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This Jackson Pollock page is a favorite with my kids.
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. . . and it doesn't have instructions. Move the mouse to splatter paint and click to change color.
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Seconding Starfall.com
My kids love it.
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NickJr has some cute games and activities for pre-schoolers.
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Webkinz and Club Penguin
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Orisinal has some really nice games. My 3 year old loves the one with the egg and the basket (3rd row from bottom)
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falling sand game might work.
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To get a sense of how the falling sand game works, begin by drawing small cups under each "waterfall". (You just draw with your mouse.)

If you want to get complicated, the different colors of "sand" are different materials (water, sand, oil...), and you begin by drawing with wax but you can change to drawing with other materials (algae, fire...). The interactions yield different behaviors (algae grows in water, fire grows in oil). There is also a "destroy everything" button - the yellow circle. I don't know what triggers that. If your little one gets attached to drawings, try to figure out how to avoid activating that. Otherwise this is just a mellow little activity.
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Switch materials at the bottom of the screen. I think if you click on "Namekuji", you can deactivate the destroy-everything blob.
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Nthing Starfall.com Kids have taught themselves to read on this site.
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My 4 year old daughter loves CBeebies, although she is fairly proficient with the keyboard and mouse. She seems to work out the instructions by trial and error.
She also loves the Club Penguin site. We can let her loose in the "Ultimate Safe Chat" rooms where she explores the site and plays the (fairly simple) games.
If you're just looking to boost a child's computer skils, you could take a look at the BBC Computer Tutor site. You might need to go through it with the child a couple of times, but my daughter seemed to pick things up pretty quickly.
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Kids' CBC is like CBeebies, but from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Mostly mouse-based games and activities. I don't see a lot of keyboarding here.
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