What other song is the sass line in Alizee's 'Moi Lolita' similar to?
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Attention mid-90s earworm pop fans: Alizee's "Moi Lolita" was widely released in 2002, but I swear I recognize that bass-line, and it's driving me absolutely crazy. Can anyone figure out what song I'm thinking of? I'm guessing something like Ace of Base, Aqua or even Daft Punk...
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Thanks, now it's driving me crazy as well. . . .
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"Your Woman" by Whitetown?
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after listening to it; I'm pretty sure it comes VERY close to being an ace of base rip-off. however, the baseline is unlike anything i've heard, and i've heard the majority of 90s rock. so....i guess that's it.
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It's very similar to "Your Woman" by White Town, but it's not. They share the same key and scale (though I'd be damned if I could tell you which scale it is. It's certianly not a Major, Minor or 7th), which gives it that distinct sound. It's not a common one.
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I was thinking of "Big in Japan" by Alphaville, but I dug that one up and listened to it and... no.

"Your Woman" by White Town (I'm ashamed to admit I own the album) is the closest I've found too, but it really reminds me of something else I can't put my finger on. It's just the bottom notes of a pretty common chord progression, though, so it's not that surprising that it would sound familiar.
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It doesn't sound to me like anything I've ever heard, aside from reasonably standard pop/europop. Ditto mmoncur, I think it's just a pretty common progression.

PS: I love these questions, they're like audio daily doubles!
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Are you thinking of "Young and Proud" by Ace of Bass? Both "Young and Proud" and "Your Woman" by Whitetown have basslines similar to that of "Moi Lolita". In fact when you kick all these tracks into Acid and pitch them accordingly ("Moi Lolita" is 2 whole steps higher than the other two tunes) they blend together nicely.

Still, I am pretty sure that mmoncur is correct, and that the bassline in the Alizee tune is a variation on a common chord progression.
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i third the White Town guess
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Response by poster: It is White Town, I think! You boys and girls are brilliant! Thank-you! I'll have to track down that Ace of Base song, too.

It doesn't matter, of course, whether the melodies are identical - just that they're close enough to drive me (us?) crazy. And that so many people made the connection assures me that I didn't just imagine it.
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Oh my. I totally forgot that song. And if I don't stop myself in the next 3 seconds, I may buy it from iTunes.

And I can't explain why. (shakes fist at Apple)
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(smiles at Limewire)
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Also, if you like Moi Lolita, check out both of Alizées albums.. they're great. The second album 'Mes courants électriques' has a particularly good first few tracks.
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Oh, and because of your nick and the mention of Alizée.. I just have to say..

c'est mon mac, mon lit, c'est mon maquis
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Seconding wackybrit's comment regarding her second album.

And to be more specific, here are some of the tracks to have a listen to:

? 01 - J' En Ai Marre!
? 02 - A Contre-Courant
? 03 - Toc De Mac
? 05 - C' Est Trop Tard

Quite enjoyable pop music.
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[Those question marks were supposed to be arrows (& r a r r ;) and on "Preview" they did show up like that. Weird..]
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