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Hi, I can't seem to find information on a kung fu movie. There is some type of training scene, with a hollow man shaped device with roller tracks and bearings that run inside. A fighter keeps doing kung fu on this, while the ball bearings move along the tracks inside. Would anyone know the name of this movie?
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I've seen it before. It looks like a tree type coat hanger kind of apparatus? I seem to recall a scene where the kung-fu hero is a child and is introduced to the device, which he is predictably clueless about using at first but incorporates it into his regimen and is shown using it all the time. It's probably a Bruce Lee flick but for some reason I want to say it's a US star like Steven Seagal or something. Sorry I can't help more...
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This and this are the only likely candidates that I could come up with Google, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything either way. (They're both Bruce Lee bio flicks starring someone else as Bruce, but it's tough to tell from the descriptions whether it's the same film twice or not. In any case, they both describe the Bruce Lee character training against some kind of advanced fighting machine.)
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Response by poster: Thank you for the tips. However, the movie I believe is Chinese, as the steel hollow man has characters all over it. The martial artists appears to be sweating heavily, as his trainer looks on. It is outside.
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Sounds familiar but I can't think of what it is. You might want to go into the international films forum at dvdtalk.com. Lotta kung fu freaks in there.
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he is training to fight the guy with the long white beard who killed his parents. I've totally seen that one, but have no idea what it is.....

the ball bearings in the dummy represent Chi, and he is only vulnerable to certain attacks at certain times of day in certain locations, hence the training.
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