Kung Fu and the Bellybutton Master?
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Kung fu/martial arts fans - please help me find this movie!

I had a movie on DVD once that I can't find, and I'd really like to watch it again.

The unique thing about it was that the bad guy's special power came from his belly button - when he got especially angry, it would start to pulse wildly. This belly button was an outie, of course. I can't remember exactly how he used it - it may have just given him an extra advantage of strength or something.

I also seem to remember that the good guy defeated Belly Button Man by somehow grabbing the belly button and pulling it off, and I think I remember that there was a long string attached that also got yanked out, like a root.

Searching on "kung fu" and "belly button" gets me nowhere, nor do any of the other common spellings or combinations.
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Enter the Invincible Hero?

"...he and Ti Ming tussle, which results in one of the more weird displays of villain defeat, as Ti Ming rips out Master Wu's belly-button and umbilical remnant, killing him."
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Some weird stuff like that was in Kung Pow: Enter the Fist
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iconomy, that's it! Thank you!

Now I need to go watch Kung Pow, too.
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