"Sausage Leg" Kung Fu movie title?
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Dear Metafilter, Please help me identify and track down a copy of this movie. Somewhere in the early '80s while living in the outskirts of detroit, I, as a young impressionable lass, was obsessed with watching kung fu action flicks.

One that comes to vivid flashes of memory is a fantasy mythic style kung fu flick involving a young hero (with piquant sideburns) and old wizardy master (with white hair and white mustache and beard going down to *there*) and the old wizardy master's assistant that was a midget who at some point gets his legs burned or scalded in such a way as to make his legs look like breakfast sausage links.

I only recall this flick as "Sausage Leg" kung fu.

Can you help me find the real title of this film?
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Sounds like the bad dream I'm shortly going to be having. Thanks!
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Just had to find The Crippled Masters trailer after reading this. Doesn't look like the wizardly master has a long beard, but one of the characters does get his legs burnt with acid.
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Response by poster: While the trailer is awesome, no that is *Not* it.
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Any chance it is one of the Shaw Brothers film's Crippled Avengers? It went by a few different names. I can't find a screenshot of the legs that look like something off the bbq.
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