This shirt is fast as lightning.
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Help me find out more about my beloved "Kung-Fu Master" t-shirt, and, in the best of all possible worlds, replace it when it dies.

It's about 6 years ago. I'm spending part of the summer in Southern Utah, land of red rocks and surprisingly good thrift shopping. In a dumpy little thrift shop, in the little boys' department (department of choice for small women with odd taste), I find the greatest t-shirt I have ever owned, which I proceeded to wear all through college and grad school.

Here it is. Clearly it has been well-loved. Navy blue shirt. Four images that appear to be from a kung-fu movie, each subtitled "The Kung Fu Master." The tag reads "A-Team, Size 10" The back of the tag reads "The Best Children Wear."

Clearly the shirt has been well-loved, and it's on its last legs. Here are the things I have been dying to know for upwards of 6 years:

1. Are these images from a real movie, if so, what movie?
2. How can I find another one? Googling "A-Team" as a clothing brand is nigh unto impossible.

If I could at least see the movie the images are from, that would help me accept the inevitable death of my shirt.
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Make the highest quality scan of the picture.

Print it on iron on paper, and iron it on to a new shirt.
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Best answer: It looks like stills from the movie called...wait for it.... The Kung Fu Master! I think you can download the movie here if you want to make new screencaps.
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Iconomy's idea and a cafepress account will get you a new one of these for about $20 and your time.
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When you get a new one, don't put it in the dryer. Hang it to dry after you wash it. It will live longer.
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Response by poster: Sweet! Iconomy's link sure looks like the right movie (and it was, of course, far too obvious for me to just realize that was the title). I'm always disappointed by iron-on transfer paper, even the stuff designed for dark fabric, but the Cafepress suggestion is worth investigating. Thanks, Internet!
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Dry it on low heat if you must. I just ruined a bunch of shirts at the laundromat, but they haven't gotten any worse since I lowered the heat.
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Oh and let us know if you sell it through Cafepress!
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