looking for kung-fu film with underground temple with boiling pool
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OK, this is deep in the level of cheezy memories. In the 1970s or early 1980s they used to broadcast totally rotten kung fu movies on television on Saturday mornings. I'm trying to remember a specific one. I know there are like millions of these that were churned out, so this may be like looking for a needle in a haystack, but here goes. It should limit the search that it was 1) in color 2) probably made between 1960 to 1981 3) included an intense fight scene that took place in a kind of underground temple (maybe?) that had as its central feature a pool of water (or acid?) that was boiling and had a kind of statue or something in the middle of it 4) there was a kind of dwarf or midget who had a prominent role. Can anyone remember this crazy film?
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Response by poster: UPDATE: It definitely had major similarities to "Return of the Kung Fu Dragon" (which seems to have the dwarf character) - does anyone know if this film had a steaming/boiling pool?
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There was a scene vaguely like this in the original American 'Kung Fu' TV series from the mid-1970's. In a flashback, the young Kwai does a delicate balance test over a pool of acid in an underground chamber. He fails the test and falls in, but his Master pranked him by putting fake bones and steam in a pool of water.
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Response by poster: What was the series you're referring to?
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Kung Fu TV Series

Starring David Carradine.
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Best answer: It was Return of Kung Fu Dragon - has the acid pool and the dwarf and all that cheez. But what is the point of answering my own question?? ;-p
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