Making a point with a Facebook avatar.
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Can you help me find a good, conceited, self-important looking avatar?

I'm hopelessly annoyed by Facebook and the self aggrandizing pictures people tend to use as their face to the world.
So, I'd love to find a picture - that clearly isn't of me - that sums up the spirit of desperately trying to make oneself look cool/sexy/whatever.
I may not end up using it - at the moment I'm just curious what good ideas for an avatar of this nature might be.
I'm a 30-something male.

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Rather than participate in a pointless game in order to make a pointless point, I recommend you just spend less time on FaceBook.

This may be a little MAS, but it's not a snark. I finally just disabled my account a couple weeks ago, mostly because I was depressed by the way people used the site, including some of my friends.
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For some reason, this came to mind.

But, hey, do you want to know what's better than critiquing facebook with your sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek profile? Not having a facebook profile at all.
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Blue Steel?
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This always comes to my mind. It's from "The Last Dragon" and stands for everything that is masculine, powerful and wacky. Too bad it's B&W.
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Best answer: You might be able to find something here.
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When I wanted to mock myself in an administrator's role, I searched around for images of tsars and similar. One, two, three. I *think* these are less likely to be taken seriously, but the risk is always there.
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Love Blue Steel, though, as more to the sense of what you're probably after.
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"desperately trying to make oneself look cool/sexy/whatever"

Camcgee's is by far the best. None of the others gave off much of an arrogance vibe. Those photos rock
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Thirding Blue Steel, it was the first thing I thought of!
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Search for "Mr Cool Ice"
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I use my second grade portrait. I've never looked more handsome.

My mom says I'm cool!
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My first thought was Casey, the dungeon master on Chainmail Bikini.
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My sister's Myspace picture is currently this image of Jocelyn Wildenstein. If anyone is desperately trying to make them self into something they're not, it's her.

Bonus points because she fails miserably.
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....fails miserably at being awesome/great/cool/sexy, I should say.
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Find a picture of Chuck Norris or Jack Bauer.
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Captain Qwark?
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Best answer: This always reminds me of Blue Steel, mentioned above. May not be ironic enough, though.
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Are you asking me for an autograph?
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How about some Wiggaz?
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