Can I aggregate multiple RSS feeds onto a single page?
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I'm looking for a way to aggregate multiple RSS feeds to a single web page, but I'd like the ability to filter which articles are displayed.

I'm looking for a way to aggregate multiple RSS feeds on to a single public web page, BUT I'd like to be able to filter articles by keywords.

Here's an example:

Let's say I wanted a group of people to see any articles that talk about Microsoft. So I subscribe to feeds from WSJ, NYTimes, etc. Anytime any of the feeds has the word "Microsoft" or "Bill Gates" I want the article to be displayed on the page. BONUS: If users can comment on the articles from within the site.

I'd also like to filter based on the feed. So like if the feed was from Microsoft itself, I'd just want all articles to be displayed.

I've done a fews searches and found a fews things, just nothing that I think will let me accomplish what I'm trying to do.

Anyone out there using this type of software or know of any similar type of software?
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I have never done it myself, but I think it could be done with Drupal + Aggregation and/or + Aggregator Summary modules.
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U can combine multiple feed in to a single feed using
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Best answer: This is the kind of thing that Yahoo Pipes is very good at. With a little work, you can get pipes to give you an aggregated, filtered feed. Then you just use one of the many RSS/XML -> HTML options out there to reproduce it as a web page.
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To convert RSS to a web page read this.
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Good call on the Yahoo Pipes, toxic. That is a much simpler solution than implementing an entire CMS + modules like I suggested.
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Best answer: Google news provides RSS feeds of news searches. That might be one way to do it.
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