Find an old school blog?
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Help me find an old website. Google has failed me. It was like a blog, but predated the greater Internet blog explosion of 2004, was by a man who ran an ISP and BBS in the early 90's, and later became an independent film maker. He might have been in Colorado too. Unlike most blogs, the aesthetics and writing was good, and there were years of archived material.
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We're probably going to need more specific information than your question provides, archae, but you're probably in the right place for old-school web people. Good luck.
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The Semi-Existence of Bryon was a blog from Bryon Sutherland, a Texan in 1995. He may have also worked at ISP (or had friends who did) punctuated by periods of unemployment during this period. I was a big fan.
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Response by poster: More info, let's see what I can remember... the guy had a unique house(it even had some kind of nickname I believe) with a T1 line and was actually running a non-profit ISP from the house(not many residences like that).

There were many posts about the technical details and work involved in keeping such a setup running. I bet if I could remember the nickname of the house then Google could find it.

And I think he was writing/directing the kinds of horror B-movies which nobody has heard of. And he might have been independently wealthy from cashing out early from the dotcom bubble, which was how he financed his film career.
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Maybe Jason Scott? link link link
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Do you remember what sort of thing he wrote about?
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I appreciate the link, iconomy, but I don't think he means me. I only made one film, my ISP was stupidly tiny, and my blog (not counting the pre-2000 "updates" thing I ran with TinyTIM, my MUD) has always been one of those typical movable type thingies.

But I do agree: film, BBS, ISP... looks like me, if you squint.
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Yep ;)
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