Really good BRE player seeking BBS with intense local matches!
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What telnet-able BBS has the largest (or a large) local BRE matches with players who regularly take their turn? Not large networked matches, but large local (same board), non-network matches? The board could have networked games on a separate door install..

I'm a giant BRE fan from back in the early/mid 90s before the Internet got mainstream commercial, and absolutely dominated my local boards' Barren Realms Elite games, and I'm looking for a telnet-able board that offers some matches a bit more intense than just 3 players who periodically take their turns and never make it out of protection. As a consolation prize, I'd be willing to accept the same for L.O.R.D. games running..
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Response by poster: Since asking this, I have discovered that some enterprising individual has devised a technique to permit Facebook users to telnet into the game without having to register with a board -- but presumably uses the Facebook developer interface to register someone instantly and take them immediately (via embedded telnet app) into the game straightaway.. with the same going for LORD, Usurper, and a few others. I'm not sure how it operates with more than 25 users, since I was under the impression 25 was the limit per BRE match -- perhaps the system simply generates a new door install of BRE and has the player play against the next 25 in order who added the app. The links to all the other doors installed in such manner are within the app's game screen (and mouse clickable)..
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