Can I run a C64 BBS on my PC?
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Can I run a C64 BBS on my PC?

I really would like to be able to run the BBS games linked here. How can I do this? What kind of emulator will be able to open these files? The archive is .d64 and the game files are .arc files. I'm not even sure if the games run as stand-alone games, so I might need an emulator that can emulate a modem too. I guess another to emulate a client too? Any advice on how to get this running so I can play Orion, Empire, etc would be much appreciated.

Is there a c64 bbs running on the net anywhere?
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I think VICE can open them. It's been a while since I've done that. I used to run the Frodo emulator.
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As in Frodo.
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Start here.

Now, that's actually running on a real C64 using a PC as a telnet bridge, but the links should take you where you want to go.
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Vice can be configured such that it connects your PC's serial port to the emulated 64 as device #2 (the same place your 1670 modem appeared on real hardware).

At least in UNIX-land, you could use a named pipe (FIFO) rather than the actual serial hardware. This will let you connect your C64's "modem" to a running process (for instance, a terminal emulator, or some glue that would listen on a TCP port for inbound telnet sessions).
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