Wireless router woes
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Is there any way to connect a USB ADSL modem to a wireless-G broadband router?

My roommate and I want to share an internet connection so I went out and bought a Linksys wireless-g broadband router in haste. It turns out we have an ADSL internet connection and our broadband internet comes in through a speedtouch 330 ADSL modem which is connected to her computer via USB. The modem doesn't have any other connectivity options, just USB.

The router doesn't have a USB port, only ethernet cable so I can't connect the modem to the wireless router.

I later saw another wireless router which is an ADSL modem at the same time but it's much more expensive and I already bought this one.

What are my options? Is there an adapter that will let me connect the USB modem to the router's ethernet port? Do I need a new ADSL modem (not a USB one)? Am I condemned to getting the expensive wireless router/ADSL modem in one?

The cheaper the solution, the better.
Thanks guys!
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Best answer: Not the 330 - some of the 'modem' functionality is actually done by the driver software installed on the computer, not unlike the old "Winmodem" dial-up modems.

Best bet, since you've already bought a wireless router, is to a) take the router back and swap it for a modem/router, or b) buy a cheap ADSL modem with ethernet.
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(Another option is to set up ICS on your roommate's computer between the modem and a wireless network adaptor - but I've seen this cause heap big problems with the drivers for the older Stingray & 300 ADSL modems, the precursors to the 330.)
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Have you tried contacting your service provider, to see if they can get you another DSL modem, and at what price (if any)? This would actually be my first step, instead of trying to muck around with all the other stuff.
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Best answer: There are likely any number of ways to do this, all of which will cost more and use more power than just getting a new modem which has ethernet.
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Response by poster: Thanks guys!
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if you have AT&T, then you can call in and bitch and get a new modem. i'm a supe in tech support, and I tell my techs to just ship it. most times if you bitch enough, they'll upgrade your connection for free. just play real stupid on the phone and if they refuse, threaten to quit. if its the aforementioned monopoly, you can also get transfered to the 'presidential' line. they are required to do anything it takes to save your service. if it's not AT&T/BST try anyways.
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