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Do you use Post Office broadband as your UK ISP? And if you do, what are they like?

I've been reading lots of reviews online, but I can't seem to find out what the surfing experience is like. All of the reviews I've read so far seem to have come from people inexperienced with PC/DSL problems. I can find lots of people slating the customer service helpline, and that side of things, but nobody is talking about the surfing speeds, the ping times, and such. What are they like?

FWIW, I already have broadband (have had for several years), a router, etc. I'm reasonably sure I can deal with most problems like SMTP passwords myself. I hopefully shan't have much need of customer services at all. I just want to know what the day-to-day surfing experience, and the change from one ISP to another, etc, is like.
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Best answer: I know someone on Post Office Broadband Extra. They're a pretty standard BT wholesale reseller, really. The connection is as you'd get from BT total - not amazing, but pretty reasonable.

What you're paying for is the support network, supposedly - the quota certainly isn't up to much (5GB on standard, a secret 40-60GB or so on 'unlimited'). Generally it's considered a better 'noob' service than BT Total, once you finally get through. The other selling point is the 'free' calls at weekends, though you can get much the same deal on your line rental using BT option 3.

Since you're already capable of some self-support, I suggest the Post Office isn't going to be an ideal fit. Personally, I recommend resellers. My personal favourite is - the connection is good, they give you an absolute wealth of information and are upfront about the quotas, and give you the tools to keep an eye on it. If you go over you get bumped up to the next package instead of cut off, and it's a rolling 30 day contract instead of 12 months.

Avoid tiscali and now pipex like the plague. BT total or (same company, now) is probably the best of the simple broadband providers. O2, orange, sky and virgin only make sense if you want the rest of the bundle - all of their broadband services are pretty mediocre, with 'unlimited' being anything but. I've heard bad things about talktalk. I don't know anyone personally on be.
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