Dead as dial-up?
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I'm jonesing for some old-school BBS action. Are there any worthwhile boards still around, with telnet access? I'd even settle for a social/builder MUD with good signal-to-noise ratio.
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Sigh. I miss the good old days. But at least once a year I hop on Acad's World, which is really just a BBS for hosting LORD (Legend of the Red Dragon) games. The link to the web site is here and I think they even have Java telnet access into their BBS. Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but the games are still played by many on this BBS.
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Though I haven't been for a while, I was one of the first 50 users in 1990-- and it was always engaging, with a strong New York flavor.
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My husband (an 80s BBS afficiando) says that one of the most active boards is Roughnecks (telnet to

He says, if you're really old-skool, you might try TELNETing to a Commodore BBS. (Yes, such a thing really exists.) In fact, he's jumped on my account to tell you the following in his own words:

This is maintained (and is current) by a guy named Andrew Wiskow, who runs Cottonwood (on All American 128 BBS software, if that means anything to you):

telnet to

These are both original Commodore 64/128 hardware and emulators which are telnettable through various technical gymnastics.

Use a free terminal called cgterm for native PETSCII support (the Commodore boards mostly run BBS software from the 80s and 90s - the original stuff). It runs on most platforms.

Syncterm is a good client to use for x86 based boards - it supports ATASCII (for Atari 8 bit boards, which are hooked up to telnet similar to Commodore boards), as well as ANSI graphics and color, along with a bookmarking / address book system:

A fairly comprehensive and current telnet BBS list can be found here.
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I'd even settle for a social/builder MUD with good signal-to-noise ratio.
telnet 7777

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SDF has a unique ongoing MOO called thxmoo, plus the classic multiplayer games dopewar and hunt.

Additionally, they have a wide variety of classic Unix single-player titles including nethack, zork, and advent / Colossal Cave.

It's probably worth pointing out that SDF isn't a BBS per se, although it's old enough to have coexisted with them at their height. It's a Unix system offering free shell accounts, with a lot of software that accomplishes many of the same functions that a typical BBS might. But it also allows for a lot of stuff beyond that. You can get a limited account for free; for full access they ask for a nominal one-time donation.
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Just a clarification: you can play all the games previously mentioned on SDF with a free account. Upgrading to a donor level would get you compilers, outbound Telnet, and a lot of other goodies, but it's not necessary if you just want to interact with the other members and play games. A breakdown of what's allowed is available here.
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telnet to for majormud, which has a pretty rabid cult following. Still quite active on evenings and weekends.
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My BBS, Slumberland, has been up since 1991, and it is at (telnet -- you can also get there via a web browser, but if you do that, you get a crappy java client. Telnet with your preferred terminal software instead for the proper BBS experience).

It is a Citadel+ BBS. The interface may take some getting used to but the message rooms are actually not all that unlike MeFi's message format. There are no games, just posting/reading messages and now live chat.

Make sure you leave a message to the sysop that says you found us via AskMe. That always helps. :)
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Anybody know if any bbs with tradewars stil laround?
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Majortom: If you go to the comprehensive BBS list (linked previously), you'll find hundreds of them -- they'll say so right in the description.
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Grex is still around, although pieces of it can be pretty Michigan-specific at times. Both web-based and telnet interfaces are available, at or in your preferred protocol. And, speaking of dialup, they've still got modems.
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