Recording from voicemail
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I have a voicemail message on my mobile that I'd like to keep -- how can I get it on to my Mac for posterity?

Both the Mac and phone (a Nokia N80) have Bluetooth, but that's about it as far as connecting the two goes. Is there any way to set the Mac as the phone's bluetooth headset, perhaps?
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Best answer: Grab a call recorder program for your phone, call to your voicemail and record the call.

This looks like it should work, as it has a 14 days evaluation period. Googling should give you more alternatives.
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If that doesn't work, GotVoice probably will. I use it to retrieve my voicemails for archiving. (It's free)
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got voice is a free webservice that will email your voice mails as mp3s to you. I use it. No-one unsavory has ever gotten hold of my cell phone number or voice mail password. It's much simpler than any thing I've ever tried to record them directly to my computer.
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You can also dial into your voicemail from and record either via the headphone jack on the phone to the line-in on the computer (with an adapter cable) or with a mic from a speaker phone.
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got voice is a free webservice that will email your voice mails as mp3s to you.

Doesn't look like the MP3 service is free.
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It is still free--I just retrieved my saved messages. Having the message automatically emailed to you as a text or mp3 is not, but having it saved as an mp3, accessible from the website, which can be right-clicked and saved or manually emailed to yourself is still free.
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Response by poster: Great idea Memo, that worked perfectly. The interface on that software is appalling, though.
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