Warm tights in tan?
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Where can I find extremely warm tights for outdoor wear? In tan?

My daughter wears a band uniform with a skirt. It's getting cold (it can get down to the low 20s at night in the late fall around here), and she needs tights - but they have to be tan-colored. My original thought was to get her some Under Armour type of thing, but I can't seem to find anything like that in tan. Does anyone know of a brand/type that she can wear that's available in that color? I was thinking that if there's nothing available, she could layer tan tights over white Under Armour as a last resort.
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Best answer: You might want to try ballet tights. I haven't done ballet since elementary school, but I seem to remember them being very thick.
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Best answer: If you have a dance supply store near you, you can find them there (in multiple skin tones, even!). That's where I used to buy them when I was in the high school marching unit.

Danskin also sells them online.
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Best answer: I just ordered some socks and tights from Sock Dreams. I haven't received them yet so I can't speak to quality, but wow, they have one of the biggest selections I've seen of tights & socks, and lots in wool and cotton. Check out these heather cotton in tan, these ribbed cotton in brown heather or merino wool in espresso. Over the knees might work too, depending on her uniform.
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Thirding good quality dance tights. I wear them for skating and they're thick and hardwearing.
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I'm surprised her band coordinator doesn't supply these, or at least help you get them. Anyway, I'm here to second Sock Dreams — they have a great selection and their cotton and wool tights are of the utmost quality.
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I'm seconding/thirding Danskin. That's what we always wore in colorguard in high school. I think their ice skating tights are particularly heavy-duty.
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I'm not sure if this is the right color, or what you want to pay, but Patagonia is a great brand and will last forever. Wool tights in "natural."
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Maybe wintersilks would work? In a small enough size, they are very form fitting and they come in "mocha" which is a tan color. Very warm.
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Third Sock Dreams. Love Sock Dreams.
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Best answer: skating tights. try http://www.rainbosports.com/ double layer (one footed, one footless) is really warm.
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Best answer: Silk longjohns under regular tights. They are thin but very warm and won't show.
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Response by poster: Thank you all. I found a dance shop nearby that sold two brands of skating tights, and went to my local ski shop for thin long johns. She tried on the combo, and gave me a big "thumbs up." Just in time, too, as she's going to a band show this weekend, and it will be in the 30s at night.

Brittanie, I was surprised that the Band Director didn't recommend something too. His expertise seems to stop at the "official gear."
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