this phone, it rings?
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recently purchased a nokia 9300. didn't realize it has no vibrate mode. are there any call alert accessories out there?

I always put my cell phones in vibrate mode because I hate noisy phones. I bought this phone because I wanted to try using a phone with a big screen (bonus if I can read ebooks). It didn't occur to me that it would have no vibrate mode. I'm mortified. I leave it on beep or silent. Are there any phone accessories out there (bluetooth?) that will vibrate when I have an incoming call? a blinky would also be good. something that doesn't make a sound. perhaps I should do it myself? advice? I don't want to sell the phone and get another. It's not that bad.
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Response by poster: (forgot to mention: I do have embedded programming experience, but no experience soldering and sticking things together)
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Check allaboutsymbian and symbiangear for further developments, but I think you're S.O.L. on the vibrate function. Maybe you can set it to use a low hertz ringtone?
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Best answer: Most of it seems cutesy and girly, and I don't know if that would be a problem, but there's a variety of flashing bracelets, watches, pens etc. at
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well the 9300 has bluetooth, so why not get a nice bluetooth headset with a bright led that lights up when you get a call, or i think some headsets actually vibrate in a holster.
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Best answer: The Jabra BT250V and Plantronics 645 are both vibrating BT headsets
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Response by poster: Thanks all. I ordered a vibrating headset. I was tempted to get a blinky pen, but didn't feel like indulging in cute.
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For the archives, for some phones you can get vibrating batteries (don't know about this one).
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