Blogging While Politicking
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Jerry Brown, Mayor of Oakland, has one. Ray Cox, MN State Representative, has one. Anyone know of other good blogs written by politicians?

Others I've found include John Edwards' blog (well, sort of a blog -- it's only got three postings so far and he calls it a "diary") and the blog of Sandra Gidley, Liberal Democrat MP.

I'm mostly interested in blogs written by US and UK politicians. For purposes of this post I'm defining "politician" as someone currently holding elected office or expected to soon be running for office (Edwards for Prez in '08, for example).
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Also, Tom Watson, Labour MP for West Bromwich East is a fairly well-known British blogger. I believe he was one of the early adopters.
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Ferenc Gyurcsány, the Prime Minister of Hungary, is a blogger of some note. Not US or UK, but he is the Prime Minister and all.
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David Miliband, the Secretary of State for the Environment in the UK, has a blog (he started it when previously Minister for Communities and Local Government).

David Miliband (his brother Ed is also a minister) is tipped for the top post-Gordon Brown, and he's certainly very bright (I very briefly worked with him way back when).
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Eric Fingerhut (D, OH senate district 25) has an official blog and also seems to actively contribute on another politically oriented blog, the Center for Innovation and Growth blog. The local blogosphere supports an active forum where politicians and other interesting community members field questions from area bloggers. Fingerhut participated (listen) and according to the description he discusses his blog. I haven't listened to it so I can't promise that he says anything interesting.
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Andrew Bartlett, Democrat Senator from QLD, has one.
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