i just got a nokia n95 phone. what kinda cool stuff can i do with it?
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i just got a nokia n95 phone. what kinda cool stuff can i do with it?

iphone schmiphone, i'm pretty stoked about my new n95. any tips are appreciated.

what non-default phone settings are cool?
how can i use it as a modem for my macbook?
what programs use its built in gps?
how can i get longer battery life?

i've got flickr working (5MP camera woo!):

and there's this cool photo browsing tool
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As a mac user make sure you pick up the apps at http://europe.nokia.com/mac.

The iSync driver will let you sync contacts and calendars while media transfer will make sure the phone works nicely with iPhoto and iTunes.

It should work as a modem if you follow the steps listed here. As is often the case on OS X, if you don't want to configure something you can spend cash on a third party app to do it for you (though in this case it's a very expensive app).

If you like to run or bike, Sports tracker is pretty fun use of GPS. It keeps stats on your excercise and generates kml files so you can admire your route in google earth afterwards.

There are all kinds of other apps out there too, from Bittorrent to Monkey Island to SSH.
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If you're a hacker, get the Python package and code away.

Calcium is a kick-arse calculator.

Google Maps. It doesn't use the GPS, but the UI is great.
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