Great apps for Nokia / Symbian phone?
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So I've got a new Symbian phone (a Nokia 6600) and I'm wondering what to play with. What are the killer apps? (Bonus points if you know of a Windows CE-style "Today" view to replace the launcher...
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Isn't that the one that runs Python? What else could you possibly want! Dude!
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Hope this helps: Series 60 Apps & Games Guide & Reviews
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Also Symbian Apps List/Reviews.
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For me the killer apps are Frozen Bubble, Salling Clicker, (if you have a Mac. If not, it might be worth the purchase just for this) GoBoy Gameboy emulator and AutoLock.

My friends have been raving about Agile Messenger, an IM client, but my 3650's birth control keypad makes that sort of a pain. If you really like typing on the keypad, there's PuTTY SSH.

There's also this Nokia tool to easily add appointments and contacts. You can also unlock your phone on the web, meaning you can open it up to use any GSM provider. Flickr, while not Nokia specific, is a great use for the camera attached to your phone.

I think my favorite thing on my phone is the "Cowbell" sketch from Saturday Night Live in .3gp format, meaning I can play it on the phone (email address is in my profile, hint hint). I feel like I'm forgetting something, but I can always post more. This comment is too long as it is.
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here's a good list, too. If you have t-mobile, i recommend getting the $5 unlimited t-zones, because then you can install Netfront and make it use the wap port for web browsing.
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Get f-explorer which is a really good free file management tool (kicks theirs into a cocked hat) and your phone should've come with the Opera browser. If not, buy it.
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Response by poster: thanks all!
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