Acai in bulk?
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What's a good online source for Acai powder in bulk for cheap?

My searches seem to uncover a ton on places many of which look questionable [in terms of quality/source]. I'd rather not contribute to more Amazon deforestation. I'm also open to suggestions on how best to consume Acai (that's not in breakfast form)

Sambazon appears to be quite expensive.
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The local Smoothie operator uses Sambazon, and swears by them.
I would imagine that such a rare product coming so far away from a third-world country in a quality fashion would be just expensive...
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You could try to call a land grant university that has a food extension program. I worked for the food extension program in school and we had people calling all of the time asking for sources on different types of ingredients. We had all kinds of reference books full of ingredient suppliers. Normally, we did that sort of thing for free.
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