Help Me Find Grandma's Jewerly Box
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Last Second Super-Specific Costume help: I finally hit in an outfit idea that excites me, but it requires a large amount of cheap costume jewelry ( rings, brackets, and necklaces). Where do I find a lot of varied, disposable junk jewelry for not a lot of money without spending hours trolling flea markets and wholesalers? In the NYC area.

I'm looking for junk jewelry of all kinds, big clunky plastic bead necklaces, moods rings, brass bracelets and ribbon brackets, cheap rock rings, glass "crystals" and beads beads beads. The bigger, the louder, and the cheaper the better. Ideally I'd just overturn the contents of a flea market bin into a pillowcase but I don't think they'd let me do that. Is there a way to get a lot of this stuff in a week and without spending more than , oh 40 bucks?
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Dollar store.
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Do you have time for eBay? If so, try a search for "salvage jewelry." At 8 pounds for $20, I'm pretty sure you could find a seller willing to give you expedited shipping and still keep you under $40.
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I think you may do well at So Good jewelry. Chock-full of cheap baubles. So chock-full, it's dizzying.
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There's a whole cheap costume jewelry district on Broadway, just below Koreatown (31st down to about 27th). They're nominally wholesale, but I bet if you bought a bunch of stuff, you could make a deal.
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Dollar store, Jack's 99 cents and Party City! If you tell me where you are, I'll GIVE you a bag out of my daughter's toy box. Please!
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Thrift stores.
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I was just in one of those places last night that sells over the top glitzy costume jewelry for $2.99 a piece - I don't remember the name at all, but it was on 7th Ave around 34th, maybe 36th Street? Definitely close to where neroli recommended.
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I've picked up grab-bags full of mixed costume jewelry at Goodwill before.
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Response by poster: Yes, salvage jewelry , I knew there was a name for " pillowcase full of rings from a drawer" , which is exactly what I'm looking for.
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