Star Trek/Star Wars t-shirt - Where can I get this??
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Star Trek/Star Wars t-shirt - Where can I get this??

My boyfriend saw a t-shirt worn on (British) tv last week - I believe it was the Peter Serafinowicz show... anyway, Peter was wearing a t-shirt that read "Star Trek" but - this is the important bit - it was in the STAR WARS font.

I am very sorry for all you non-geeks out there now rolling your eyes.

However, I'd be very grateful if anyone knows where one could get hold of this t-shirt.
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Well you could make it yourself. You could download the Star Wars font and then make the shirt using Cafe Press or some other online T-shirt maker.
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I remember seeing this shirt online a few months ago from one of the various "kooky / hip logo" t-shirt sites. Unfortunately, I'm guessing your googling went just as well as mine did - which brought lots of nothing.

Did find this though, which made me chuckle a little:
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Do you live in/near London? I saw loads of Star Wars-themed shirts (though not the one you described) in Camden Market.
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