Online miso in bulk?
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Help me buy miso powder in bulk online (preferably not in individual packets).

I've been having trouble finding reasonably priced miso powder in large quantities online--most places seem to sell it in individual packets, which I don't want for price (packets tend to cost more) and cooking (sometimes I want to measure out a strange amount) reasons. I no longer live near any Asian groceries that sell larger containers of the stuff, and I'm wary of buying from overseas without a recommendation for the retailer.

Does anyone buy from a reliable online retailer that sells something like a big ol' cylinder of miso powder? (Super-bonus points if it's low-sodium, but that's not a big deal.)
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Rather than looking for a powder, would you consider a paste that has to be kept in the fridge? If so, memail me and I'll tell you about the grocery store in my old hometown that carries it. You can call them up and ask the brand...then find it online, or locally.

It actually tasted FRESH...I only realized this after eating powdered miso soup afterwards.
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You can buy miso paste in bulk and store them at a cool place as long as they aren't open. Korean style is usually in a sealed plastic box, Japanese miso is usually in a sealed plastic package, sort of like a toothpaste.
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I think the whole reason for miso powder is for instant soups. Amazon sells miso paste.
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Miso paste works better than powder for instant soup, and it keeps forever (literally, apparently), just in case you haven't tried that. I've never seen the powder in bulk.
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Another vote for miso paste. In the fridge, it's nigh immortal, and using it to make soup is as easy as using the powder (stir a spoonful into hot water and watch it dissolve). Plus it tastes better. Fear it not.
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Just adding my voice to the miso paste crowd. Growing up, my parents didn't cook much, but we almost always had a big thing of miso paste in the fridge, and it never went bad and always made delicious soup. In case you're worried about using the paste for cooking, don't be. I use it all the time, especially as a schmear on grilled veggies.
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You do not even have to go to an Asian store for your miso. Places like Whole Foods (UK and USA) and health food stores carry fresh miso. The best US based miso produced is South River Miso

Miso is an eternal food product and I do not say that lightly. The paste is preferable from a cook's perspective but also for health.

If you tell us your geographic region sources of fresh product of reliable repute can be found.
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Hatcho Miso!

The official miso of the Tokugawa shogunate. A friend and I split a twenty pound tub about three years ago and I've still got enough left to last me several more years.

And, if you can find it, Katsuobushi!
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