Another Juicy Song
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Help me find a song that's really similar to "Juicy" by Better Then Ezra.

I used "Juicy" by Better then Ezra (iTunes Link) for a project last year, and the song perfectly encompassed the style of the project.

Well, another iteration of the project is back, but a new song is needed. iTunes has let me down -- so I'm coming to you, hive mind.

I would love any music suggestions that are similar to "Juicy," with an up-beat tempo. If there's also a karaoke version of the song suggested, even better.
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The first thing I think of are maybe some disco-era stuff, like Bowie's Fame, or some Talking Heads stuff, probably because of the punchy rhythm guitar similarity. I'll see if I can think of something more contemporary.
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Althought pretty sexy, my first thought was "Beautiful" by Goldfrapp has a very similar upbeat tempo.

Secondly, I love love love The Magic Numbers - they're great and lot of their music has a similar style to "Juicy."
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Have you tried putting it into Pandora?
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"Keys" by Golden Smog has a similar sound to my ear. A little bit funky, upbeat and retro-ish.
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Chicken Payback by A Band of Bees has a similar funky groove to it. Sorta silly lyrics. (itunes link)

Pop by The Aluminum Group. (allmusic link)

There's also an EP of Juicy remixes, you know. (itunes)
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She Drives Me Crazy by Fine Young Cannibals sounds similar.
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Check out some funk classics by Parliament or Kool and the Gang unless you specifically want something contemporary. "Flashlight" by Parliament comes to mind.
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