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Can I transfer a quicktime vid from an iBook to my windoze machine using USB? (Her iBook is very old but does have connectivity to USB.)

My wife just spent 3 hours editing a quicktime vid on her loaner iBook only to find out that it can't burn CDs. So...I would like to transfer the file to this WinXP machine so that I can burn multiple copies.

I'm asking before trying because I don't want to lose or eff up her work. I'm asking HERE because we have a serious dead line.

Thanks in advance. Also, we know very little about iBook, os x or Macs/Apple in general. She usually only uses it to record grades for school.
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Best answer: Shouldn't be a problem.

Make sure the USB drive is formatted for WinXP (ie., it works in XP - FAT16, FAT32, or NTFS; if in doubt, plug the thing into the XP box, make sure it works - if it doesn't format it on the XP box with whatever the default settings are). Plug the drive into the Mac, copy the files over, plug USB drive into the WinXP box.

The Mac will barf a few extra (usually hidden) files onto the drive but it's not a problem.

An USB drive formatted for Mac may not be recognized as a valid drive by the XP machine.
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Best answer: If both computers have internet access it would probably be easier to just transfer it over the network.
A short tutorial that I found on line when I was trying to access files off of my GF's computer one time.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks you two! I get my head in the wrong place sometimes when dealing with a dead line. We are now rocking! Thanks again!
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The two cannot be directly connected using USB because they're both masters.
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USB (1.1 on the ibook) will be painfully slow compared to networking the two machines together.
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You can connect two computers using a USB cable, you just need a cable with a bridge (or you can damage your machine).
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