I want to turn off my computer from my bed with a remote
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I'm looking for a remote control solution for my PC. I find myself watching a lot of TV on my computer from my bed and I'd really like to be able to just click a button to turn off my monitor instead of having to get up and walk across the room. Yes, I'm that lazy.
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The cheapest solution I can think of is using a wireless mouse or infrared presentation controller from across the room.

The simplest, yet $$$, solution I can recommend is setting up an X10 system with your monitor. Basically you plug your monitor into a box that plugs into the wall, and you're given a remote control that interacts with the box to switch the appliance on and off. However, you still need to be able to control the TV.

Radio shack or other electronics stores are helpful in finding the right X10 package for you.
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Monitor or PC?

If monitor, then this.

If PC, do you have a PDA on your wireless network? 'Cause in that case you can use VNC or some sort of wake-on-LAN/remote power on/off program to shut down your PC.

Or if you have bluetooth on your PC and a bluetooth mobile phone you might be able to find a remote control program for that combination.

On Preview: a cordless mouse works too.
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I second the wireless mouse. Remote controls are a pain to setup. If you get one with 4-way scrolling you can navigate around your computer without a hard surface.
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Does the windows version of Salling Clicker enable you to do this? It runs off most bluetooth cellphones, which would save you buying any new hardware.
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I use the streamzap remote for this. It gets the job done, but it's far from perfect. You can put your computer in sleep mode with it, but turning it off completely will be trickier.
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If all you want to do is turn off the monitor, don't forget The Clapper (as seen on TV!)
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I know you were joking, but I've had person experience with The Clapper and it's more funny than useful. It would react to sneezing, when then made me laugh and sneeze at the same time, which was freakin' hysterical but not useful.
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If you just want to turn off the monitor, you could use a simple remote for the power outlet like this. It's only $35 at amazon.

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$35 is too much.
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I use a StreamZap, which is a television-style remote and a USB receiver. I use it with Linux, but it comes with software for Windows as well. You can (I believe) configure it to not only control things like startup and shutdown, but also various application settings and hotkeys.

I think it's around $35 from ThinkGeek.
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At Kmart or a decent hardware store you can get a cheap radio remote switch. Just hook it up to the tv and leave the remote by your bed.
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I should have clarified. Yes, I meant to just turn off the monitor. I looked at the clapper, but the reviews turned me off. I was also curious about that other outlet remote. Maybe I'll give it a shot. Sounds like I'm not going to find a solution under $35.
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riz1 said: Sounds like I'm not going to find a solution under $35.


The hardware store doesn't have them cheaper than $35? Wow. You should be able to easily find a simple button remote for less than $20. Too bad you don't have any big hardware stores or a Radio Shack near you....
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A little bit out of the box, but you could consider setting a timer for your program to close. This is probably very simple to do with a batch file.
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i just ordered the one mr_crash_davis linked to which ran $15 after s&h.

wireless - i've tried using the timer, the problem is that i can never get consistent results and the monitor doesn't actually shut off, it just goes to blank screen which still produces light (i'm the kind of person who needs complete darkness to fall asleep).

will report the results when it arrives.
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Handy, I've been meaning to look into this for a while... I currently use a tool that allows programs to switch the monitor back on again. Media player does this even if it's just an audio file. Does anyone know of a program where it would take a specific key-combo to switch the monitor back on again?
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