Where can I find historical fed statements?
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Every time the US federal reserve meets to decide on changing interest rates, the news articles say something like "in their statement the fed says ...". So my question is where can I find a listing of the statements for the past 10 or 20 years? I'd like to see how the words change over time.

My ideal answer if a link to a webpage that has them somehow. But just knowing the official term for these statements or if they get published officially anywhere would be immensly useful.
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Best answer: this is from 1996 to to 2007 (click on the press releases that FOMC statement)
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sorry the parenthesis should have read click on the press releases that say FOMC statement
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Response by poster: Thanks, jourman2! That's perfect! You must have excellent searching skills.
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Dude, it's the first freaking hit if you search "federal reserve statements" on google. Just click the link, scroll to the bottom, and there they are.
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