Good pet sitter in Denver?
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Can anyone give recommendations for pet sitters in the Denver Metro area? We have cats and need someone to come into our house for four days to feed them.

I googled, but personal experience would be helpful. Thanks!
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Denver Metro is a bit broad. Can you narrow down the location a little bit?
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Response by poster: Sure :) We live in the Denver Tech Center area.
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One of the techs at my local vet does pet sitting on the side. Ask your vet.
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Seconding ask your vet's office. When I asked a similar question (about San Francisco), I got that suggestion, and it was a great one. They recommended a women who apparently sits for all the pets in my neighborhood; she was great (and a bit cheaper than some of the services I'd looked into) and Imogene just loved her.
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I hate to say being an avid cat-lover myself but cats, unlike dogs, are generally independent enough to last 4 days with an automatic feeder and water fountain. If you don't know someone personally to check on them I'd recommend that course of action over a stranger. My biggest concern is that they'll lock themselves in a closet...

You might also look and see if there's a trusted neigbor child you might be able to pay a few bucks to check on them occasionally and maybe even play with them a bit?
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Response by poster: My cats eat wet food twice a day, so leaving them with an automatic feeder won't work. I'll call the vets office and see what they say.
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Best answer: I cannot say enough good things about Shellie with Watchdog. She has watched my cats and the cats of relatives, and I would use her again in a second.

One of the things I really liked about her is that she hangs out with the cats for half an hour per visit (we had one visit each day). She would sit near them and read, and so when we came home they weren't weird and attention starved. Previous catsitters would come in, dump food and leave. Shellie bonded with the cats and even got our less affectionate cat to warm up to her by the third day.

You can email me if you want more information.
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Response by poster: Thank You Sheppagus! The *one* place I found on google that looked good enough to bookmark was Watchdog. I'll take this as a bit of synchronicity and give her a call.
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