Everybody do the Dinosaur
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Where can I find dinosaur slippers? Specifically, they must make a "roaring" noise each step you take. Do these even exist or am I imagining them?
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I hope you're imagining them! I have a feeling those things would last about 8 steps before someone took a frying pan to them.

I love the idea of the slippers, but the noisemaking? Can't you just do that yourself?

BTW, here's the only mention I could find of such a thing.
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You aren't imagining them! My dad has a pair but they are very old, and when he lost one, we couldn't find a replacement. I will ask him where he originally got them, though.
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Not exactly what you're looking for, but so cool! The head roars and the slippers make a stomping noise. Then again, if you're not shopping for a kid, you're just going to look silly.
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I can second that they did exist... I remember someone in my dorm walking around in a pair. Unfortunately, that was about 1991, so it doesn't lead you closer to buying some....
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I guess ideally you would be able to switch the nose on and off, but that's not a necessity.

I need to be able to find them in an adult male size 11-13. Am I really screwed now?
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I am sure that I had seen these as well but if I am correct they were Godzilla Feet slippers. If I remember where I seen them I will let you know.
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I got some roaring lion slippers at the Disney outlet store a few years ago.
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These would go great with Hulk Hands.
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Poking around has revealed a couple of things.

1) Somebody posted this exact request to ebay's want it now. Maybe you could do the same?

2) A pair of these (but boy's size) sold on the U.K. ebay

3) Apparently these slippers were worn by T.V.'s beloved Urkel

Good luck!
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Google (for "godzilla slipper") came up with this, among others.
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I remember seeing David Van Tieghem wear them in a performance, but, like Steve3, I think it was in the early 90s so it's just proof that they existed once, not that they exist now.

Hulk Hands, on the other hand, you should still be able to find, no problem.
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I should also add, google seems to imply that the roaring slippers were made for a while, but haven't been available for a few years.
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I can absolutely verify they exist. An ex-girlfriend had a a pair and would wear them around the house for laughs. Due to the "ex" part I'm sorry I can't get you any more info...
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I knew I had seen them before, and it was on Family Matters on Urkel's feet!
Godzilla slippers would be fine, as would dragon slippers, monster slippers, etc.
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OMG! I had a pair, but I was about 8 years old. Everytime I got batteries for them, mum took them off me though :(
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I bought a pair of these for my Grandma once.
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Here's a set of slippers and a head, called "Get-Up™ Roaring Dinosaur," but they're for little kids. Maybe that's what you want, I don't know. Looks cool, and apparently there is an on-off switch.
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