I need more slipper socks, it's getting cold.
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I live in the UK, and I've never really nailed down a place to get great slipper socks. I really want these Acorn slipper socks, but nowhere seems to ship to the UK. Can anyone recommend either a place to buy them, or very similar ones?
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Nordstrom claim to ship to the UK.
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I was given these L.L. Bean slipper socks as a gift last year and love them. They'll ship to the UK, but I'm not sure about the shipping charges.
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Came here to say LLBean as well. But the fleece slipper socks are more durable.
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I was brought up on Totes.
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You need Falke cottage socks.
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You can get them via eBay UK (shipped from US): wool; cotton.
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Thanks everyone! LL Bean seems to be the best option for shipping, Nordstrom and the people on eBay have really high charges. The Falke ones are nice but a bit pricey too, I don't want to go above £30 for a single pair of socks really. Although I could get some for Christmas I suppose!

It's a shame no-one in the UK seems to make or sell similar ones for a slightly lower price. I really want a sole on the sock, over the years I've not found the bubble/rubber things on most slipper socks to be grippy enough. Maybe there isn't enough demand to make that type really profitable in the British market.
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