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My slippers are soon to thrown out with the rubbish, but before I rush out and buy some new ones I have few requirements.

They need to be warm, comfy and not kill me when I'm walking downstairs. Also they should have some grip on the sole so I can safely walk in the garden without slipping when it's wet.

P.S. I'll accept all recommendations (however wacky) so if you think slipper socks (e.g.) are what I need let me know.
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Acorn slippies are the toastiest slippies. And they come with a little card that says astronauts wear them.
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And yes -- they have grippy rubber soles so you can get away with a quick trip outside without compromising their slipper-ness.
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I have similar requirements for my slippers, and when a recent pair fell apart my wife bought me these at Target. They have good rubber soles for if you need to go outside, they are comfortable, and they're very supportive (more so than any previous pair I've worn). Plus they're cheap!
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Seconding Acorn slippies (and seconding calling them slippies). I get a good two years of daily wear out of a pair of Acorns. Actually the soles probably last much longer, but I mash down the heels pretty badly after awhile. Go with the "moc" not the "mule" so you have some heel coverage. That way they will stay on when dealing with the stairs.
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Okay, thirding the Acorns. And did anyone mention they also look great and come in funky colors and patterns?
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Note: not sure how this works for the men's slippies (ha!) but I tried to order some women's Acorns on Zappos a while back and they were just way too small (about 1 size). Sadly, I wear a size 10, and they didn't make an 11. Back to Zappos they went, but oh, they were so cute and warm!
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Hear me out here.

I am soooo in the Croc-hating camp, and when I first saw the Mammoth, I was pointing and laughing like crazy. But then I started doing laundry in my boyfriend's basement on cold winter mornings, and when I actually felt how soft the Mammoth liners were, I was hooked.

The thing that really sold me was that I hate how normal slippers are actually, y'know, slippery! Plus I wanted something I could wear outside so I could take the trash out. (I'm in Wisconsin, so in the grody months I need something a little more than just a double layer of leather.) The Mammoths are absolutely perfect, and they're just scrumptiously warm and easy to slip on and off.

And no, I never wear them in public. I trust you will never share my dirty little secret.
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Look into the L.L. Bean "Wicked Good" sheepskin-lined slippers. They are cushiony toasty awesome for your feet, AND they have a grippy rubber sole so you can take the garbage out. I have the moccasins and they are just like shoes - warm, soft, snuggly shoes. I pretty much live in them from October to March.
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