Where can I buy this hot sauce?
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Where can I buy this hot sauce?

There is this change of Mexican fast food places in Arizona and Southern California (well, San Deigo area) called Filiberto's. They have all types of salsas and hot sauces but it seems like their signature sauce is this simple 'red' sauce. Its really good and I was wondering if anyone knew if it was something 'off the shelf' and thus you could buy it someplace.

Again, here is a pic of the sauce as it comes from Filiberto's.
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They have so many different locations - you can try any one of them and simply ask them.
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You could try calling them?
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I don't think it really exists in commercial form. I'd be happy to be wrong. The closest I've found comes in a can, in the Mexican specialty section of the supermarket. I don't know the brand name.

Maybe you can ask y6y6y6.
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I asked them and the answers are always some form of, "I don't know."
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Jungle Jim's here in Ohio sells a lot of hot sauce. Their number is 513-674-6000.
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I don't think it's off the shelf, must be Filiberto's special recipe. I've noticed that they seem to vary from location to location (sometimes more watery than others), which makes me think that there is some local preparation going on.

My current fave: Valentina. Great stuff.
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There's a national sushi chain here in the UK that do an aubergine dish that I love, in a soy/vinegar-based sauce. I never got an answer when I asked in the restaurants how it's made, but when I emailed them, the head chef guy (who creates the recipes) actually wrote me back with the official recipe for it. I suggest you try emailing the chain.

Failing that, perhaps see if they have a facebook fan page or employee group and ask there.
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