Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes
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My friend is a shoe freak who just had a baby. Can you recommend a cute pair of comfortable slip-ons that are suitable for the spring/summer in upstate New York with a newborn around the house? Bonus points for luxury, and for things more on the girly side style-wise.
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This sounds like job for TOMS!

Fuchsia Crocheted Classics
Corbel Classics Vegan
Purple Glitter Classics

And you could get the baby some Baby TOMS and extra bonus: you're donating shoes to kids who need them with your purchase. :)
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Not girly, but I've had my eye on a pair of Minnetonka kiltie moccasins as weekend sneaker alternatives. It's a little last year, I guess, but they're cute and preppy. Maybe in an unexpected color to update them? I think they have bright red, not sure about orange, although a tangerine pair would be darling.
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The baby will be too young to wear Tiny Toms.

And the company isn't as social conscious as they'd like you to think, but they are good slip ons that work in public.

Then flip flops.
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Tods, along with their diffusion line Hogan, make lovely loafers and flats that are beloved by fashionistas.
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Yellow Box Flip Flops
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I was also going to recommend Minnetonka moccasins. I LOVE mine. Ok, they aren't very girly but I always feel cute in them and you could go for the red ones or the ones with beading. Or , if you have a bigger budget and are thinking on more of the luxury side, get some Tieks.
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Hmm, i don't know if Toms will really be up the alley of someone who's into girly luxury shoes? I'd look into a pair of cute ballet flats in a pretty colour with a contrasting (metallic?) toe cap would be very in style for this summer and would be super cute and pretty practical - like this or this or this or this .
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Last I checked these Tory Burch slippers were the must-have flats in NYC (though the fact that I know this may make them already 5-minutes ago...)
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The fashioniest lady I know has lately been wearing velvet slippers like these Ralph Lauren Collis velvet horse slippers (mobile link, sorry). (Hers are not RL, but may have cost $650. Surely ones exist that are less pricey.)

After I had a baby, I lived in the Bensimon slip-ons from Madewell. (They seem to be in sherbet colors now; mine are charcoal gray.) They work with jeans, shorts, skirts, pajamas. They are as easy and casual as TOMS, but significantly cuter.
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Oh, more colors of the Bensimon slip-ons are here, at their own site.
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Belgian Shoes? Tretorn slip-ons?
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Not terribly fashionable, I'm afraid, but you can get her some custom print vans with a matching pair for baby.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for your help! I went with hot pink cushioned flip flops (Nike Comfort Thong), in case future searchers care.
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