Slippers that Make My Feet Happy?
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I am looking for the best men's slippers in the world. Help please.

I have a pair of slippers that aren't really meeting my needs and I need some recommendations from other men who have found the perfect pair. One problem with my current slippers is that even though they have a rubbery sole at the bottom, I can still feel things that I don't want to feel through them such as pebbles when I go outside to get the paper or my kid's Legos on the floor. Even if I am walking on just the floor my feet sometimes hurt because I can feel the pounding through the slippers. Also, I need something that keeps my feet warm, very warm. And I will be wearing these with socks most of the time so furriness is not an issue, but fluffiness is. I would like something that feels like walking on a cloud. Also, my current pair has a leather lace that I have to tie every hour or so. So I'm not sure if I want a straight up slip-on or a lace-up that works better than my current pair, but something that I don't have to tie so many times in a day. And looks don't matter to me at all. I would like these slippers to be so comfy that I look forward to wearing them every day. A good pair of slippers is worth its weight... Thanks all.
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This might be them.
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My vote.

I let my last pair slip into oblivion/the trash so reluctantly, I was really walking around barefoot with just a scrap of wool slapped on top of each foot for a month before accepting the inevitable.
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Rockport slippers are pretty great. I got a pair at Costco in a style slightly different from these (the heel is better supported), with a thick treaded sole and fuzzy interior.
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You might try (don't laugh) the Crocs Mammoth style -- the one with the fuzzy insides. I was a diehard Croc-hater for years, and even saved some of my outrage for this style in particular, until I actually put my feet in them. OMNOMNOMNOM.
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L.B. Evans, grown up slippers. I love my Aristocrat Scuff. Available online or at finer retailers.
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No, no, no. What you really want is something from Minnetonka Moccasins. My favorites have genuine sheepskin lined with warm, fluffy goodness (and no bothersome laces). I quote: "Give your toes a toasty treat." And there's a rubber sole that should protect you from LEGO encounters. I've been buying these every year for 4-5 years now and love them.
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OK then. After rethinking my first suggestion and then reading Shaggoth's - it's confirmed. You can't go wrong with any of these. I know, because I LIVED in my UGGS for a very long time. Bliss.
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Shaggoth - those do look super comfy.......
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Happy feet are so important.
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Might I recommend LL Bean's Wicked Good slippers? I absolutely love this model personally, but they also have ones with rubber soles.

A parting joke...
Q: what's about a foot long and slippery?
A: a slipper
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Seconding Minnetonkas, although I prefer the moosehide & fleece version. Note that you will still feel pebbles through their soft-sole (although they won't hurt.) If you want something you can go further in than the end of the driveway in, you'll need a different sole (like their driving or camp moccasin.)

The Croc Mammoths are a nice too, but they are very warm. Might not be a great choice for wearing with socks or if your feet sweat a lot.

I find I wear cushioned flip-flops around the house if I don't stop to think about it. Like padded leather ones, or Reef's "Mick Fannings" (which have a big air pocket under the heel.) Depending upon the climate where you live, you might consider that (however flip flops w/socks is a sin.) If you don't like thongs, there are rubber sandals like Flojos and presumably there are still comfy leather sandals out there somewhere.(I wish Bass still made men's Sunjuns...... yes, I'm a child of the 80s/90s.) There's also Tevas-- I wouldn't go there, but some people practically live in them.
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