Where can I find some slippers that don't look like slippers?
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Where can I find some slippers that don't look like slippers?

I work a job where I'm at a computer 95% of the time. At my old job, which was a little "less professional", if you will, I used to bring in a pair of slippers (which, by the way, are awesome). However, at my current job I feel wearing slippers would seem unprofessional. It's a jeans-and-a-polo sort of place, mostly.

So, I'm looking for either some slippers that don't look like slippers, or really comfy shoes, I guess. There are some crocs that look like they have a comfy liner, though crocs really wouldn't do. Maybe some boat shoes with a comfy liner? I'd need something with a rubber or other durable liner so things like trips to the bathroom or walking to/from my car won't trash them.

If what I'm looking for doesn't exist, what are some comfy types of shoes? The majority of my shoe purchases have been sneakers.
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My spouse has these Tempur-Pedic slippers in khaki, and I see them everyday and can attest that they do not look like slippers to the casual observer. I got them at Brookstone, so you could probably go check them out at any nearby mall.

And the design "now also offers a durable hard sole that’s designed for wear both around the house as well as for quick trips out to the mailbox."

By which, of course, they meant to say "quick trips to the bathroom or out to your car."
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Adding: check out this link -- these are the exact ones that live at my house, and this sueded finish is really what makes them look like totally passable non-slippers. (the flannel of that prior model is very slipper-looking)
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I love my Acorn slippers from REI. This style may do the trick.
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L.B. Evans, slippers for grown-ups.
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Best answer: many uggs slippers would work in an office.
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I really like my ComfyFeet.
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If you want to stay with L.L. Bean, how about these moccasins?
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My husband lives in his Sidewalk Surfers summerfootwear.com/catid-72.html. The are "slipperish" in the comfort factor and slip on ease, but have a more shoe like look to them.
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I usually wear slip-on dress shoes that are a hundred percent more comfortable than running shoes. I bought them in Spain but they are similar to these Ecco's with air soles. Ecco has plenty of similar ones that are nice.
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I have some Mary Janes from Easy Spirit that are pretty dang comfy (I work in a lab, so I'm on my feet a lot.) And also look nice enough to wear with a polo.
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Yea, you can find Eccos or Clarks that are pretty comfortable and that are, you know, real shoes. Then you can wear them from home and not have to change your shoes when you get to work. Other popular slip on shoes around here are the Merrell Jungle Moc.

I suspect you could even get a dressier sneaker-type shoe, like these, and be fine.
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Check out Sanuk. I'd give you a better link, but the site is Flash. I have some of the ones that look like shoes. They are comfy.
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Response by poster: Wow, thanks for the great responses! After looking at them all, I think the thing that's closest to what I want are these. However, $100 is a bit more than I'd like to spend. Anything similar for cheaper would be great!
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