Slippers and sandals for plantar fasciitis
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I am a runner and I am trying to get over plantar fasciitis. That means among other things getting better casual shoes. I need some summer sandals and something to wear around the house like a slipper - but with really good arch support. I'm a pronator. Under $100? Help!
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I cannot say enough good things about the Teva Tirra.
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I love orthaheels! Lots of styles, available on Zappos.
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Fit flops all the way.
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Crocs. Don't think of them as just the fugly clogs, they have some super cute shoes, I get complements on them all the time & people are surprised when they find out they are crocs. They were a life saver when I had plantar fasciitis. Some few don't have great arch support, but check the comments & the online store is quick & easy to refund if needed or you can get them through zappos to be extra safe.
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Having spent much of the summer researching the question of whether "really good arch support" exists in shoe or sandal form for under $100, I'm going to say, "no chance", if you mean you need a seriously high arch for serious pronation/flat feet. (This is in Canada, though. It might be possible in the US.) Birkenstocks, Mephisto, Naot, and Finn Comfort had the best arch support I could find, but not for under $200. Naot and Finn Comfort also have styles that can accommodate orthotics. So does Ecco, which might work if you don't need a half-size. (None of these sandals are beautiful. I'm sorry.)

It's probably better to just wear runners or some other kind of closed lace-up shoe with orthotics. Birks make this arch support, which is pretty good, if custom orthotics aren't on the table right now. (I thought they were honestly pretty close to my custom ones.)
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I'm a woman, so my answers are biased that way:

I wear a pair of soft footbed Birkenstock clogs as slippers, I've never found an actual slipper that will help with plantar fascitis. You can often find them on Amazon or ebay for less than $100. For dressier sandals I've had great luck with Earth and Earth Origin brands. Keen or the above mentioned Teva Tirra for sport/outdoors.
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Not under $100, but my arizona birkenstocks (soft footbed) are super comfy and sometimes I forget to take them off when I come home because they are so supportive and comfortable.
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I'm not a runner but have spent the last several months getting treated and on my podiatrist's recommendation have been using Spenco inserts in my sneakers and Spenco flip flops for walking around the house and have been very pleased with the combo.
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Nthing Birkenstocks. They're actually the only thing I've been able to wear pain free. Got them online for 40 quid, so you can get them cheaper.
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Burks used to be my go-to but unfortunately don't work for me anymore. If they work for you that's great-- remember it takes a little time to break them in, and it's worth getting some cork-sealer when they start to go and getting them repaired rather than new foot beds before they completely die.

For slippers, what I use now are German "house shoes". I first got these while in the U.S., something like Giesswein might work for you. Be sure to see if the particular pair you choose has good arch support. (For complete info my current pair are actually Danish, but I don't know the brand name and they might actually be more than 100$, especially including import costs.. They are however absolute game changers for me. I have semi-seriously considered carrying them with me when I visit friends' houses.. Walking around with no arch support is boo).
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I have PF, too. Around the house I wear Tevas for my PF. They're great. Excellent arch support.
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I wear birkenstocks and chacos (hipthong). I am also able to get away with haflinger slippers, but my pf is a milder case.
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I had a similar issue 6 years ago and bought a pair of Spenco flip-flops (called Yumi, I think). Nice support, around $60, lasted me 5 years. Just bought my second pair this summer and am just as happy with those.
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Former Birk and Crocs wearer here. About 18 months ago I bought a pair of Orthaheel Tide II flip-flop sandals and never looked back. I now have five pairs of Orthaheels that I basically live in, and they're so comfy I ended up buying a pair of slippers for the house. Those particular ladies slippers are discontinued but when they need to be replaced they will be replaced with another pair of Orthaheel slippers. (Actually, I think they're now known as Vionic so search for both names.) They also make plain nserts but I haven't tried those.
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I have chronic PF and very high arches, and Keens have the best arch support for me. I have Keen hiking shoes, boots, and several pairs of maryjanes in addition to my Keen sandals. I add additional arch support to most of them, but I haven't found a way to make that work in sandals and their support is still adequate. In contrast with other folks in this thread, I have found that I have to have shoes with a heel strap--no clogs or flipflops for me.
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my whole family wears birkenstocks for this, but i went against the grain and got teva sandals. i am AMAZED at how quickly my very long standing plantar fasciitis stopped hurting. i also got superfeet inserts for my non-sandals and those are working really well too.
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I've been wearing nothing but MBTs for my PF for a couple of years, and they're magic. I track them down cheaply on ebay.
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I asked this question last year about flip-flops for my husband with the same problem. He got a pair of these Orthaheel Waves and has been extremely happy with them.
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I have high arches and had pf in the past. Crocs and Naot are pretty good but honestly I just wear Nike Pegasuses with orthotics for 99% of my life.
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I wore these with a half insert to support my arch. I couldn't find many sandals that would be appropriate to wear to work that I could walk in for any amount of time without pain. Unfortunately, more than $100.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions! I have ordered some shoes from Amazon to try on and will report back.
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N'thing crocs (my mother was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis last year and now lives in her surprisingly attractive crocs).
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I got a bad case of plantar fasciitis last year and I found that the Andrew Weil plantar fasciitis sandals are awesome. I don't have achy breaky feet when I get out of bed in the morning.

HS has a great return policy. Be sure to check before you order what the terms are.

These are the women's and these seem to be the men's.
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Response by poster: Orthoheels/Vionics for the win!

I tried sandals and flats from almost every brand listed.

Fitflops were a flop.
Keen and Teva was very uncomfortable.
The crocs that were attractive had fairly flat soles.
Dansko was either too big or too small.
Vionics/Orthoheels were JUST RIGHT. Future readers may want to note that I had to go up a size from the sandals to the shoes.

I'll report back further once I find some house slippers.
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Response by poster: By the way, I have been wearing the avionics sandals around the house consistently since they arrived, and my plantar fasciitis has improved tremendously. It's almost gone. I ran a marathon on Saturday and my feet don't hurt at all today!
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