Eclipsing constructors?
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EclipseFilter: I'm trying to switch over to eclipse (for java), but one little thing is bothering me. For some reason, constructor parameters don't pop up and auto complete the way regular function calls do.

I can live without the auto complete, but I'm not even getting a listing of the possible constructors and their parameters! Why is this? Every other IDE I've used in the past few years has this feature why not eclipse? And why only on constructors?

What is going on, and is there any way to fix it? This is with eclipse 3.2
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Best answer: Have you tried hitting Ctrl-Space? That's the auto-complete invoker for Eclipse, in case it doesn't happen by itself.

You can also go to Window->Preferences->Java->Editor->Content Assist, and ensure the checkboxes for both "Fill argument names on completion" and "Guess filled method arguments" are checked. I'm particularly fond of the method argument guessing, whereby it will try to figure out what you were planning to pass for each parameter. It's not always right, of course, but it's usually at least helpful.
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