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I need a tool for running unit tests from multiple projects with Java/Eclipse/JUnit/OS X

The project I work on is divided into a collection of sub-projects; and each of the sub-projects has its own unit tests.

Tragically, if I want to run the unit tests for everything, I run the tests one project at a time.

It seems like there should be a plugin or some such for Eclipse that would automagically do this; but I haven't found one yet. Anyone know of one?
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If I understand you correctly, you sound like a prime candidate for continuous integration. Take a look at Hudson or Cruise Control/Ant, set them up and just wait for the emails.
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Response by poster: You do understand me correctly (:

And I know the things you speak of will work. But I was hoping for something that would involve less futzing about up front <: (And a big shiny button to click. With pretty colours. Mostly green.)
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We have have been using Hudson, and it was the easiest thing of its kind to set up that I have ever used. Put war in Tomcat, fire up browser, point click drool.
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Frankly, and I'm assuming a lot here, you'd be better served by something running in the background, running the tests every 5 (or 30, or whatever) minutes and only letting you know when something goes wrong.

If these are your own projects, you aren't going to be working on multiple Eclipse projects at a time, right? So you can still run the tests of your active project on impulse just like you do now, and your inactive projects will still be getting checked out of source control and tested all the while.
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Response by poster: i_am_joe's_spleen: I may have to look at this.. Hudson. The beginnings of a move towards continuous integration was started here with ant, I think; but it didn't quite make it to the stage where it barfed out a stream of emails for people to ignore.

rhizome: Alas, I'm doing enterprise-java-stuff; and the stuff I'm doing (which provoked the question) is something which is touching multiple projects... So I'm also after more of a "tapitty-tapitty-tapitty; does it all still work? great, repeat" process.
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Ah. Well I'd just write one big Ant task for that. It might take a bit of time to get right, but if you need to be able to do ad-hoc testing across a whole line of not-necessarily related code it's really the best long-term solution. Some good links in teh Googal (no snark intended).
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