Eclipse (IDE) problems
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Looking for help on an Eclipse (IDE) context launching (i.e. Right click + "run as") problem. Basically, this feature has stopped working.

I know this question is probably over technical for AskMeFi (so sorry), but i thought I'd give it a shot in case someone here has had the same problem and knows how to fix it. (and i don't really belong to more than one of the appropriate forums).

This is a problem I've encountered a few times over the years, and one i usually just solve by starting over (fresh version of eclipse + new workspace).

The problem is with context launching (i.e. Running an application, setting up a run configuration via a right click on the resource you want to run, or otherwise running the currently selected resource rather than the most recently launched resource).

The problem is that this functionality has disappeared on me. Eclipse will always launch the previous configuration unless I specifically select another configuration via the run drop down, or run configurations dialogue.

I’ve looked in all the obvious places “Launch the selected resource or active editor” is selected. “If not launchable: Launch the associated project” is also selected.
The java applications I’m trying to launch do have correct “main” method signatures, so that’s not the problem either.

Any help resolving this issue would be MUCH appreciated.

I’m currently having this problem in Eclipse 3.4.0, developing java projects, few if any non-default plug-ins.

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Best answer: In all probability, something has gotten screwed up in the perspective's configuration. Try going to the Window menu and selecting "Reset Perspective..." That will restore the default configuration for the perspective, and should get your context menu back.

Oh, and btw, you shouldn't sign your posts. Just FYI.
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Resetting (Changing) your workspace is all you really need to do to reset the application. All user data/settings are stored there. Downloading a new install executable does not really change anything. (Unless you are updating to a newer version, of course)

Also, you might want to note, Eclipse 3.5 is out.
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I forgotten the exact shortcut/drop-down, but there is a 'clean project' option where it removes all the previously run files. Maybe that would help? I had a similar-ish problem a few times.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest resetting your perspective as well. If that doesn't work, I have met some incredibly helpful people on the #eclipse channel of irc (look here if you don't have a client handy...)
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