Ideas for a user interface design of a data mining application?
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I'm trying to write my first eclipse RCP application. I would welcome some ideas about how to design the UI, preferably using the RCP building blocks: editors, views, preference, wizards, perspectives...

The application is a data mining application for analyzing a set of transactions. Initially the user will load a file of transactions into the application. The user will then be able to view the transactions, but not modify them. Then the main part of the application is the ability to apply various types of data mining algorithms to the data. The user will be able to select which algorithm they want to use, then set the parameters for the algorithm, some of the parameters will be default, and some should be persistent (saveable). They will then run the algorithm, which may take some time and be cancelable, after which the results will be presented. The format of the presentation might span different views, some of which will be the same between different algorithms, and some might be unique. The user should then be able to rerun the same algorithm with different parameter settings and get new results, or run a new algorithm. The system should keep track of the different results though and allow the user to refer back to previous runs, and possibly save the results.

How would you design a UI for this application using eclipse RCP?
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