Please help me sort out this Firebird/Mozilla trouble.
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Firebird/ Mozilla help. I am a complete idiot. At some point I broke the bookmark manager in the stable build of Firebird 0.7. So I did what any bleeding-edge egotist would do and downloaded a number of nightly builds. The bookmarks manager is fixed. However, my scrollbar has disappeared . . . [more inside]

Not just the scrollbar in the browser proper; any dialogue box or window created by Firebird is sans scroll. I can get by with the scroll wheel and page down, but it's getting old. Using a different profile brings the scrollbar back. However, this means I lose all of my tweaks, cookies, saved passwords, etc.

I did notice when I tried to tweak out the new profile that the theme I'm using is incompatible with the build I have. However, shutting the theme off makes no difference.
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Many themes are not quite compatible with nightly builds.
If you use the default theme, your scrollbar will come back.
posted by Fupped Duck at 12:50 PM on January 6, 2004

Let's say, for the sake of argument, that the default theme had disappeared. What then? 'Cause it has.
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That works. Thanks.
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When playing with nightlies, it's a really good idea to just back up your profile directory and then delete it. I mean a really, really good idea. Bad stuff happens to the profile and/or browser when you don't.

Also, never overwrite one Phoenix/Firebird with another. Rename the old directory and install the nightly to a nice fresh one.
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What if I want to completely remove every trace of the browser off the machine and start again? How would I do that?
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if you are using win2k/xp, then look in the Application Data folder (C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data for example) and delete the mozilla folder. If you are using win9x, the Application Data folder will be in your c:\windows directory. Other than that, just delete the mozilla folder in your program files directory.
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Yeah, that's what I went with (and deleted all existing profiles through the Profile Manager). Worked fine. I figured out that I smoked all my bookmarks right after I clicked "Ok."
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