Help me find a tablet
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I don't want an overpriced Cintiq. I don't want an overpriced tablet PC. I want... [more inside]

... a wireless (802.11g), "dumb," pen-based 15" display tablet that will let me edit photos directly onscreen using the Photoshop that's running on my iMac. And, ideally, watch streaming video from my iMac, as well. I'm out of luck, aren't I?
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What about the Viewsonic AirPad?
posted by skylar at 1:05 PM on January 6, 2004

The AirPad runs on Windows CE Smart Display, which Microsoft just announced it is abandoning.
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Ars Technica just had a look at the airpanel V150p. Long story short: ok for text and stuff, sucked for video & games, too expensive for features. Consider a tablet instead. More flexible and not much more expensive.
posted by bonehead at 2:34 PM on January 6, 2004

Viewsonic tablet PC V1100 has a P3 866 with 256MB RAM, more than enough for some photoshop and amateur... uh.... videos. Uses Windows XP tablet edition.
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Oh, sorry stonerose. I overlook that it is a cool 2 grand.
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All of the "dumb" wireless displays out there are using some sort of remote control protocol -- the Smart Display stuff uses Microsoft RDP, for example -- and none of these protocols are useful at all for watching video remotely. Not to mention, I don't think there are any "dumb" panels out there that are usefully compatible with the Mac.

You're better off scraping up a cheap 2 or 3 year old laptop from eBay, shoving a wireless network card in it, and running remote control software. When you want to do something fancy like watch video, just play it natively on the laptop instead of remotely with the display exported.
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Sorry stonerose, I don't think such a beast exists yet. The 15" Cintiq comes about as close as you're going to get at the moment. I broke down and bought on of these now that the newer model is out and the price has come down.
posted by Tenuki at 1:09 PM on January 7, 2004

Wow. I had no idea portable panel monitors were so expensive, considering what standing LCD monitors cost. I picked up a refurbished Compaq Tablet PC as a "fun, couch-browsing PC" for a grand - just a little more than the monitor-only AirPanel.

Since you want to use your Mac's processor, though, I guess a portable monitor or another PC with PCAnywhere-type remote control software are your only options.
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