need a metal comb
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Does anyone know where I can find a stainless steel or otherwise all metal men's comb? (As seen in movies such as Gattaca)
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google is your friend. metal + hair + comb + men =
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What you going to comb. Only used mine for combing the static out of my clothes. (couldn't afford cling free). Don't actually comb it, just run it as close to the garment w/o touching it, prongs down like you would your hair. Mostly good for wool sweaters.
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Aluminum combs identical to Ethan's* can be found in most well-stocked beauty-supply stores. I found mine at 9th and Irving in San Francisco.

*DNA testing not included.
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Aren't they used for hair nit egg removal?
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the body shop carries a nice metal comb, reminiscent of the one my dad used to have way back in the 60's.
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You had them too then i_cola?
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