Can I still get Windows 8 consumer preview to run on my tablet PC?
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Can I still use a consumer preview version of Windows 8 on my new-old tablet PC?

I just bought a refurbished Fujitsu LifeBook PC Tablet T5010 with Vista currently installed, and while I'm not 100% sure it can use finger touches, I'd like to see how it runs with Win8, especially if I can demo it before buying a copy. The consumer preview will expire in Jan. 2013, but can I still do a fresh install of it? While the links to Microsoft's official download pages now direct you to buy Win8, I imagine there are copies of the consumer floating around, but I wanted to save myself the trouble if it wouldn't work.
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Best answer: I'm not sure why you would want to install beta software when it has already gone retail.

Download Windows 8 Enterprise- it has no key requirement on setup and has a 90 day grace period.
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Response by poster: Oh, I didn't realize Enterprise was available for free trial. But that website says "During registration (required) you must login with a Microsoft account and provide your name, e-mail address and country." Do I need some tech professional credentials, or does it just want some contact information?
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Download Windows 8 Enterprise-

I've done this - and like you just to see how it runs. It runs sweet and I'll buy it (or get work to buy it).
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Response by poster: I downloaded the ISO weeks ago, and finally got around to setting up a new partition and installing Win8 on my tablet yesterday. The install was pretty painless, and using a remarkably different OS is fun, but not too productive yet. My tablet, which I think supports finger touches and multitouch, didn't automatically work as such, but then again, my track pad scroll area doesn't work everywhere in Win8, either.
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